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Are we getting all the information necessary to make informed decisions about vaccination?

Molecular Biologist Dr. Aditi Bhargava, the director of laboratory research at UCSF develops mRNA technology, the same technology used in covid vaccines.

We are also joined by two individuals who have been injured by the vaccine, professional mountain biker Kyle Warner and Brianne Dressen who is a school teacher from Utah.

In this profoundly illuminating and unifying podcast, we agree that everybody is simply doing what they think is best for themselves and society based on the information they have.

An issue arises when we all operate with different information, which makes it difficult to make sense of this complicated issue.

0:06 - Requirements for submitting a grant request to NIH
0:17 - Gain of function
0:50 - How typical vaccines are made
2:42 - These covid jabs are not "vaccines"
4:15 - Claims are not backed up by evidence
5:54 - "We don't have that evidence because we don’t have a control group"
7:39 - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
10:06 - Scientific Community turning a blind eye for BigPharma
10:44 - The BigMedia Lie
13:30 - An ignorant assumption most liberals make
14:29 - What they ignore
15:25 - A very naive take
18:00 - Russia, India & China are using traditional vaccines
19:54 - mRNA vs Recombinant
22:49 - unanticipated consequences
26:55 - No where near "safe & effective"
27:47 - Clustered Adverse Effects
30:12 - Reporting in VAERS

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